Fabio Rao – Director

I was born in 1981 in Addis Ababa in a mixed Italian-Ethiopian family.  Until 1991 we lived in a liberal bubble in the midst of the communist occupation. I had toys (rare commodity), watched american movies and drank soft drinks up to indigestion.  When the Marxist regime was overrun and civil war broke loose in Ethiopia we were forced to move to Italy. Finally someone had the kindness to teach me Italian and tell me that toys, soft drinks and american movies weren’t highly regarded in Moscow back then, so everything that  I owned up to that time was the result of smuggling. Years later I awoke troubled, I had dreamed of wandering the streets of a ghost town, where billboards of american soft drinks prevailed amongst a few others. Amazed by that vision I knew I was destined to take back the advertising spaces of my brain.  I started working in 2006 since then I have directed plenty tv commercials and video content. I have also directed and produced documentaries worldwide, a great number of music videos and I work as a visual artist.
I love shooting scale model and CGI integrated live action scenes, it’s simply my favorite environment.
Last but not least, I’ve studied, Scriptwriting and Tv Production at the CONEL London UK. I have also written and teach a programme study for the comprehension of basic scriptwriting  called ABasicCinema.